Mergers and acquisitions are a fast method for gaining the necessary infrastructure or extending market coverage. Successful completion of M&A is a demanding task for many companies and we can assist you from preliminary screening of companies to closing the deal and post-merger integration. Depending on your needs, our service can cover either selected steps of the M&A process, or the whole process.



When you prepare for acquiring a company or part of it, we can go through each step with you from selecting possible targets to providing objective valuation.

During the process of determining the target company, we offer our customers a comprehensive initial consultation, valuation of the target company and help in developing the most suitable acquisition program. This includes more than finding and examining a single company - their peers for comparing benefits for each and valuations for each possibility.


When you have confirmed the acquisition program, we assist in implement the program. Executing an acquisition program contains several aspects: liaison and confirm the intention of the target company, perform due diligence and negotiate the final valuation of the company. This stage also includes contract drafting together with other relevant legal documents.


After the completion of the financial transaction, many companies have less rigorous process for following up on consolidating two formerly separate entities with their own cultures and approved ways of achieving their goals. We provide our clients with comprehensive post-merger integration consulting services: asset and financial integration consulting, human resources and strategic management consulting.